Kinect was pretty much the only thing MS had over sony and they ditched it for a marginal price-drop. Now there's no real reason to sell a game as exclusive to xbone other than courting deals with the company. Poor move, imo. Really seriously kinect on the whole was terribly undersupported. If it was clear from the… » 1/06/15 6:57am 1/06/15 6:57am

Yeah I dunno what's up with this dude I just wanted to say I didn't do any raids until LFR came out. I did, like, one pug for icecrown and it fell apart a boss or two in and I had to go anyway. Now with lfr it's like I actually get a shot at doing some cool stuff in the endgame that isn't just running heroics all day. » 1/06/15 5:45am 1/06/15 5:45am

despite what yer saying here it /is/ possible to make a good game with strong characterizations. The problem with the sonic games hasn't been too much characterization, but just too much stuff in them. Take generations. Generations was awesome. Straightforward, the story was a little silly, but you had two very… » 12/28/14 11:40pm 12/28/14 11:40pm

I'm just curious, were you aware that you're legally obligated to allow a bike in front of you as an actual vehicle, maintaining the same car length that you would any other vehicle? How about riding a minimum of three feet away from bikers in the bike lane rather than turning into it.

Would you really be happy… » 12/23/14 11:03pm 12/23/14 11:03pm