If comcast is choosing to pay you less because you're failing to manipulate people out of their money, that's comcast's responsibility. I am not responsible and I will not be held responsible for the rate of pay a private corporation I have no stake in chooses to pay its employees.

I do agree it's an unenviable… » 7/14/14 10:11pm 7/14/14 10:11pm

The reason it's not a defining characteristic in the comics any more is because it hasn't been written by a particularly bisexual-friendly writer in years. Even the last time he was homosexual he wasn't portrayed as bisexual, but as one of those on the fence gays who sleep with women until they find their soul mate… » 7/14/14 6:41pm 7/14/14 6:41pm

Story wise I actually thought it was pretty fantastic, but game-wise it felt really linear and a little myopic. It's great if you really just wanted to play some more Arkham city, but it doesn't really feel like much more than an expansion. But again, the story was great. Heart of Ice was nifty too. » 7/14/14 8:31pm 7/14/14 8:31pm